SimCity 4 (SC4) is a 2003 city-building simulation computer game; the fourth Maxis installment in the SimCity series of games. It was published by Electronic Arts (EA) and developed by series creator Maxis, a wholly owned subsidiary of EA.



The cover of SimCity 4

As with previous installments, much of the previous game's gameplay was retained in SimCity 4.
The biggest change was the addition of regional gameplay. Not only does the player get to negotiate deals with neighboring cities, but the player is also builds the neighboring cities. Since the player can populate the entire region and is able to rely on other cities, small towns become a viable possibility.
The player now has several modes to choose from. Mayor Mode is the traditional SimCity game. In mayor mode, the player can raise funds by holding down control and X and then typing in weaknesspays. They can also unlock all known buildings by pressing control and X and typing in you don't deserve it. You can also access the God Mode you had at the beginning of the game by holding down control, alt, and shift and then pressing God Mode. God Mode lets the player terraform the city's land before building and lets them trigger disasters. My Sim mode lets the player create or import a Sim and get feedback through him.
Civic buildings were also altered. Rather than affecting the town citywide, civic buildings only affect a nearby area. The player can adjust each buildings' individual funding and each building also has a maintenance cost.
Graphically, the game also improved. Rather than sprite-based graphics, SimCity 4 uses 3D. Buildings automatically orient themselves toward the road and the decaying of buildings is done more realistically.

Compatibility With Other GamesEdit

SimCity 4 can import Sims from The Sims for My Sim mode. Also, city layouts from SimCity 4 can be used for neighborhood templates in The Sims 2.


SimCity 4Edit

  • Macintosh - Released in June 2006.
  • PC - Released in January 2003.

SimCity 4: Rush HourEdit

Rush Hour is an expansion for Sim City 4 released in September 2003. This expansion adds several things, notably the U-Drive-It mode. Rush Hour also adds buildings which are, unsurprisingly, in the transport section, these include; toll booth, parking lots and even some new roads like ground highway.

SimCity 4: Deluxe EditionEdit

The Deluxe Edition was released in September 2003. It was basically SimCity 4 and the Rush Hour expansion bundled together.


  • Terrain Generator - Allows players to create maps based on any of the forty-eight states of the continental United States. The maps are based on maps from the United States Geological Survey.
  • Lot Editor - Allows players to design lots using available props. BAT included an updated version of the Lot Editor, rendering the original obsolete.
  • Building Architect Tool - Allows users to create custom buildings. The program is based on Gmax, a simplified version of 3D Studio Max.


Will Wright stated in 2003 that there would be more expansions for SimCity 4, but that no longer seems likely. In 2004, Will Wright stated that SimCity has gotten too complex and the franchise was going to go in a new direction. To that end, the contoversial SimCity Societies was developed.

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